Feel like some bowling with your friends then visit these bowling alleys in Wichita, KS. Most of these bowling lanes host competitions. Visit now.

Back Alley Sports Grill
11413 E 13th St N
Wichita, KS - 67206
(316) 618-1000 Website
North Rock Lanes Bowling
3232 N Rock Rd
Wichita, KS - 67226
(316) 636-5444 Website
West Acres Bowl
749 N Ridge Rd
Wichita, KS - 67212
(316) 722-5211 Website
Seneca Bowl
1909 S Seneca St
Wichita, KS - 67213
(316) 267-7301 Website
Thunderbird Bowl
2440 S Oliver St
Wichita, KS - 67210
(316) 684-5291 Website
Wichita Bowling Associations
1506 E Lewis St
Wichita, KS - 67211
(316) 265-9422 Website
Joma Co.
3232 N Rock Rd
Wichita, KS - 67226
(316) 636-9494
Countryside West Lanes
2350 N Maize Rd
Wichita, KS - 67205
(316) 773-3456
Rose Bowl West Pro Shop
520 N West St
Wichita, KS - 67203
(316) 942-0010

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